Here are a few commonly asked questions and answers in relation to our mobile phone real estate websites.

Q. What is a mobile phone website?
A. It is a website which has been optimised for mobile phone browsers. These are basically the applications used to access and search the internet on a mobile phone.

Q. Will my mobile phone website have it’s own unique url?
A. Yes, because you have a website specifically for mobile phones, means you need a url to place the website on. You can purchase a new url or create a sub-domain on your existing url. A common sub-domain for mobile phone websites is So if your domain was then the url for your mobile phone website would be

Q. My website or Domain name is not hosted with you can you still do my mobile phone website?
A. Yes, all we need to do is create a sub-domain record eg m. and point it at our server. The sub-domain record is created by logging into where your domain name is hosted and adding a record.

Q. Why doesn’t a mobile phone browser display the normal website for our agency?
A. We place a piece of code on your normal agency website which redirects the mobile phone browser to your mobile phone website.

Q. What happens if the mobile phone user would prefer to view the normal agency website?
A. At the top of the mobile phone website the user will see two “View” options Classic or Mobile. By default Mobile view is selected but if the user would like to view the normal agency website then they select Classic view.

Q. I’ve already entered my property listings into another property software system can they automatically appear on my mobile phone website?
A. Yes, we already accept property data feeds via XML from a number of leading software providers in Australia (see list below). If your provider does not already feed listings to us then we’re happy to organise this with them.

We currently accept properties from MyDesktop, Hub Online, ReNet, Multi Array, Rockend (REST), MyPackage, Box + Dice (BOOM), Luxury Homes Australia and Zoo Property (and we’re happy to hook up with any other providers).

Q. Can I manually load my property listings to my mobile phone real estate website?
A. Yes, we have a specialised property listing content management system which your listings can be managed through.